Turf Impertinent: How to Win at the Quinté with Smart and Bold Bets

The Quinté is one of the most popular and challenging bets in the French horse racing scene. It consists of picking the first five horses in the correct order in a selected race, usually with a large number of runners. The Quinté offers attractive payouts, but also requires a lot of skill and luck to hit the jackpot.

If you are looking for some tips and tricks to improve your chances of winning at the Quinté, you might want to check out Le Turf Impertinent, a website that provides daily analysis and predictions for the Quinté race. Le Turf Impertinent is run by a team of passionate and experienced turfists who share their insights and opinions on each horse, as well as their best bets for the Quinté.

What is Le Turf Impertinent?

Le Turf Impertinent is a website that was launched in 2013 with the aim of offering the best Quinté predictions to its readers. The website claims to have a high success rate and a loyal following of satisfied customers. Le Turf Impertinent is not a typical turf website that simply lists the odds and statistics of each horse. Instead, it provides a detailed and personalized analysis of each runner, highlighting their strengths and weaknesses, their form and fitness, their past performances and their potential in the current race.

Le Turf Impertinent also gives its own ratings and comments for each horse, as well as a summary of the race conditions, such as the distance, the track, the weather, the pace and the draw. Based on this information, Le Turf Impertinent suggests four possible bets for the Quinté: a base bet, which is a single horse that is expected to finish in the top five; a tocard bet, which is a longshot horse that has a chance of surprising; an outsider bet, which is a horse that has some value but is not among the favorites; and a last-minute bet, which is a horse that has been overlooked by the public but has some positive signs.

Le Turf Impertinent also provides a comparison of its predictions with those of other turf experts from the press, as well as interviews with trainers and jockeys who give their opinions on their horses and their rivals. Le Turf Impertinent also organizes contests and quizzes for its readers, where they can win free access to the website or other prizes.

How to Use Le Turf Impertinent?

Le Turf Impertinent is very easy to use. You just need to visit the website and click on the Quinté tab to access the analysis and predictions for the Quinté race of the day. You can also browse through the archives to see the results and feedback of previous races. You can also subscribe to Le Turf Impertinent’s newsletter to receive daily updates and tips by email.

Le Turf Impertinent is not a free website. It charges a small fee for its services, which helps to support its work and avoid advertising. You can choose between different subscription plans, depending on your needs and budget. You can pay by credit card, PayPal or bank transfer. You can also try Le Turf Impertinent for free for 15 days by participating in its contests or by using a promotional code.

Why Choose Le Turf Impertinent?

Le Turf Impertinent is not just another turf website that gives you generic and boring predictions. It is a website that offers you smart and bold bets that can make you win big at the Quinté. Le Turf Impertinent is not afraid to go against the crowd and pick horses that others ignore or underestimate. Le Turf Impertinent is not influenced by hype or rumors, but relies on facts and logic to make its choices.

Le Turf Impertinent is also a website that cares about its readers and wants them to enjoy and learn from horse racing. It provides clear and concise explanations for each bet, as well as useful tips and advice on how to bet wisely and responsibly. It also encourages interaction and feedback from its readers, who can share their opinions and experiences on its blog or social media pages.


If you are looking for a reliable and original source of information and predictions for the Quinté race, you should definitely check out Le Turf Impertinent. It is a website that will help you improve your skills and knowledge of horse racing, as well as your chances of winning at the Quinté. Le Turf Impertinent is not only informative, but also entertaining and fun. It will make you discover new aspects of horse racing that you might not have noticed before. It will also challenge you to think outside the box and take risks that can pay off handsomely.

So what are you waiting for? Visit Le Turf Impertinent today and start winning at the Quinté with smart and bold bets. You won’t regret it.

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