La Loupe Turf: A Guide to Horse Racing in Mauritius

Horse racing is a popular sport and entertainment in Mauritius, an island nation in the Indian Ocean. The history of horse racing in Mauritius dates back to 1812, when the first racecourse was built by the British colonial authorities. Since then, horse racing has become a part of the Mauritian culture, attracting thousands of spectators and bettors every week.

One of the main sources of information and tips for horse racing in Mauritius is La Loupe Turf, a website that provides racecards, odds, dividends, news, and analysis for Mauritian horse racing. La Loupe Turf is a French term that means “the magnifying glass turf”, implying that the website offers a close and detailed look at the races and the horses.

How to Use La Loupe Turf

La Loupe Turf is a user-friendly website that allows you to access various features and services related to horse racing in Mauritius. Here are some of the main functions of La Loupe Turf:

  • Racecards: You can view the racecards for the upcoming meetings, which include the names, numbers, colors, jockeys, trainers, weights, and ratings of the horses. You can also see the distance, time, prize money, and conditions of each race.
  • Tips: You can get tips and predictions from La Loupe Turf’s experts, who analyze the form, performance, and potential of each horse. You can also see the favorites, outsiders, and dark horses for each race.
  • Betting: You can place your bets online through Supertote, a platform that offers pari-mutuel betting for Mauritian horse racing. You can choose from various bet types, such as win, place, exacta, swinger, trifecta, quartet, double, pick four, pick six, pick eight, and place accumulator.
  • News: You can stay updated with the latest news and events related to horse racing in Mauritius. You can read about the entries, withdrawals, gallops, weights, clockings, reviews, previews, interviews, and more.
  • Analysis: You can access various tools and resources to help you improve your knowledge and skills in horse racing. You can watch videos of past races, view statistics and charts of horses and jockeys, compare odds and dividends, and use calculators and simulators.

Why Choose La Loupe Turf

La Loupe Turf is a reliable and comprehensive website that offers a lot of benefits for horse racing enthusiasts in Mauritius. Here are some of the reasons why you should choose La Loupe Turf:

  • Quality: La Loupe Turf provides accurate and up-to-date information and tips for Mauritian horse racing. The website is regularly updated and maintained by a team of professionals who have extensive experience and expertise in horse racing.
  • Variety: La Loupe Turf covers all the aspects and dimensions of horse racing in Mauritius. The website offers a wide range of features and services that cater to different needs and preferences of users.
  • Convenience: La Loupe Turf is easy to use and navigate. The website has a simple and attractive design that allows you to find what you are looking for quickly and efficiently. You can also access La Loupe Turf from any device and location.
  • Fun: La Loupe Turf is not only informative but also entertaining. The website adds excitement and enjoyment to your horse racing experience. You can interact with other users through comments and forums, participate in contests and quizzes, and win prizes and rewards.


La Loupe Turf is a must-have website for anyone who loves horse racing in Mauritius. The website offers everything you need to know and do to make the most out of your horse racing adventure. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, La Loupe Turf will help you discover new insights and opportunities in horse racing. Visit La Loupe Turf today and join the community of passionate horse racing fans in Mauritius.

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