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A number of aspects determine whether a football team knows how to play the ball, and those features are intertwined with statistics commonly found around specific player or team performance. For those who bet once in blue moon, apart from regular football fans it is possible to improve your game by learning geeky things about the sport. Here at Lenball24, we aim to give you the most impactful and important statistics so that you can make informed decisions with confidence.

Possession Percentage

Possession percentage is a basic stat that shows how much of the time a team controls the ball in any given game. High possession percentages frequently coincide with the better team on any given night, racking up more looks and limiting chances by quality foes. Possession stats can tell you a lot about how well a team is likely to play going forward. At we provide possession rankings with detailed stats to have a clearer idea on how each game will go.

Shots on Target

Shots on target assesses how many times a team directly threatens the opposition goalkeepers by hitting the target for them to save. This stat tells you how efficient a team is attacking and their capacity to get goals. MORE SHOTS ON GOAL tend to equal more goals and a higher rate of success. At, where you will find shots on target figures for every fixture that can assist in illustrating the attacking capabilities of teams and players.

Passing Accuracy

This is an indicator of a team’s ability to possess the ball and find scoring chances through building up plays with passes. A tendency to generate opportunities and a lower turnover rate are associated with high pass completion teams. At we provide the passing accuracy team wise and individual players, so that you can study which teams are more likely to hold possession play a major role in the game.

Defensive Actions

You need to look at the defensive work a team does – tackles, interceptions and clearances of course – in order to understand how solid they are. The best defensive stats correlate well with keeping the opposition off of the board. Check these stats on you can work out the defensive strength of each team, and how likely they are to keep another clean sheet (critical when putting on your betting strategy or match day predictions).

Goal Conversion Rate

Goal conversion rate is the percentage of shots on target that result in a goal. This is how one would evaluate whether or not a team is proficient at putting points on the board. Teams that convert these chances have higher goal conversion rates and usually take more opportunities on the scoreline. At to provide a deep dataset of goal conversion data, enabling you to better spot teams that take their chances on the field and affect match outcomes so much.

Expected Goals (xG)

What are Expected Goals (xG)? xG is a relatively new stat that calculates the likelihood of goals being scored from specific goal scoring positions. This is a measure that considers things like shot location, type of the shot and situation leading to taking it. xG helps explain how a team has played offensively rather than just how many goals it scored., data on xG is as detailed as you will get, so that hopefully answers this question for those who like to delve into the numbers exceedingly deeply.

Recent Form

There is no better time to back a team when their form has improved significantly in the recent matches. Look at some recent games to see if you can learn anything about how they are likely to perform in the near future by extrapolating trends and patterns. Get the latest team performance data to help you make more informed predictions only at

Head-to-Head Records

Weight of history in head-to-head Team A played eight times against team B and won 4 games python -(Historical match on how one team performs against another) Certain teams seem to have other team’s numbers, thriving head-to-head year in and year out. At, we summarize head-to-head records to help give you a better insight at analyzing future fixtures and comparing past performance.


Football match analysis, statistically speaking of course, is important for football betting. At, further providing live data measures such as possession percentages, shots on target/target ratios and passing accuracy supplemented by defensive actions, goal conversion rates/expected goals statistics relative to recent form/head-to-head records. You can use these statistics to improve your football knowledge and make more successful bets as well. Visit Lenball24 for all of your football data needs and make smarter match analysis decisions from now on.

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