Messiturf 100 Fois: French Horse Racing Information

Messiturf 100 Fois is a well-established French website dedicated to the world of horse racing, also known as turf racing. They offer a comprehensive resource for anyone interested in French PMU (Pari Mutuel Urbain) betting and provincial races.

Here’s a breakdown of everything you need to know about Messiturf 100 Fois:

What Does Messiturf 100 Fois Mean?

Translated, “Messiturf” combines “Messi” (meaning “sent” or “placed”) with “turf” (referring to the racetrack). “100 Fois” translates to “100 Times,” likely referencing the potential for high payouts in horse racing.

What Information Does Messiturf 100 Fois Provide?

Race Reports and Results: Stay up-to-date with detailed reports and results from both PMU and provincial races.

Expert Pronostics: Get valuable insights and predictions from experienced analysts to help you make informed betting decisions.

News and Updates: Keep yourself informed on the latest happenings in the French horse racing scene.

Betting Guides: Learn the ropes of PMU betting with helpful guides and explanations.

Analysis Tools: Utilize tools and data to analyze races and make strategic bets.

Community Features: (Potentially) Interact with other turf fans and share insights (this feature’s availability needs confirmation).

Is Messiturf 100 Fois Free?

While the extent of free content isn’t entirely clear, Messiturf 100 Fois likely offers a mix of free and premium content. Free access might grant basic race reports and results, while exclusive pronostics or in-depth analysis could be behind a paywall.

Is Messiturf 100 Fois Available in English?

The website itself appears to be primarily in French. If you don’t speak French, using a translation service might be necessary to navigate the site.

Alternatives to Messiturf 100 Fois

If you seek English language resources or prefer a different platform, here are some alternatives:

Turfomania ( offers French horse racing news, pronostics, and information (in French).

Racing Post ( provides extensive coverage of international horse racing, including French races (in English).


Messiturf 100 Fois is a valuable resource for French horse racing enthusiasts seeking information, pronostics, and analysis. With its mix of free and potentially premium content, it caters to both casual and serious turf fans. However, remember to gamble responsibly and always check betting laws in your area.


  • Is online horse race betting legal?

The legality of online horse race betting depends on your location. Always check your local laws before placing bets.

  • Is Messiturf 100 Fois a scam?

There is no indication that Messiturf 100 Fois is a scam. However, be cautious of any betting system promising guaranteed wins.

  • How do I get started with horse race betting?

Familiarize yourself with the basics of horse racing and PMU betting before placing any wagers.

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