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Saving Money on Universal Studios Tickets: Strategies and Discounts

You don’t have to be an avid coupon-clipper or penny pincher to want a discounted price when buying amusement park tickets. 

It’s natural to want to take your family to a marvelous and fun destination like Universal Studios, but buying the tickets same-day at the gate can cause sticker shock. 

Check out the tips below for strategies and tips on finding the best discounts on Universal Studios tickets, or you can see more about ticket discounter here. 

The Obvious Option: Direct Purchasing Online

The most obvious and intuitive approach is to buy your tickets in advance, online, and directly from the theme park’s website. This is always cheaper than buying at the gate, and the website will prominently display the ticket packages available. Package options include multiple days, multiple parks, hotel rooms, and a wide range of combinations of these. 

Go with a Group

You probably know about group discounts, with which large parties can get significantly lower costs per ticket. But remember also that membership in certain organizations includes discounts on amusement park tickets as a member benefit. Two examples are the American Automobile Association (AAA) and the group previously known as the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP). Check if you are a member of any group that comes with such pricing perks.

Speaking of group membership benefits, remember that the U.S. military certainly counts as such a group. Active duty and retired service members (and their spouses) get discounts on both tickets and vacation packages at Universal Studios. Check with a travel agent that is authorized to offer this discount.

What if You Are a Local?

If you live within a reasonable distance of either Universal Studios Hollywood or Universal Studios Orlando, you may want to consider a season pass. Season passes are great for those who want to make multiple visits a year, and are especially ideal for those who live within a few hours’ drive of the park. In addition to the reduced price, some season passes come with additional benefits such as free parking and food discounts.

If you are a resident of Florida or California, there will be periodic discounts for in-state residents. These are offered at various times of the year, and can apply to both park tickets and packages. Check with Universal Studios website for more information about discounts in your state.

Coupons and Special Promotions

Keep an eye on the official Universal Studios website, and also its social media channels. Coupon codes and special promotional offers occasionally pop up, usually with specific date and usage restrictions. They will most often be tied to off-peak times such as weekdays and low season. These can offer quite considerable savings. 

Occasionally, Universal Studios will have special promotional periods where they offer discounted (or even free) admission for certain groups, like teachers, law enforcement personnel, or healthcare workers.

A Lesser Known but Economical Approach: Costco 

Costco is not just for buying stockpiles of white cheddar shells and six months’ worth of paper towels. They also sell Universal tickets and packages. You will need a Costco membership, and tickets be purchased at (some) warehouse locations or on the Costco website. 

To sum up, there are a number of ways to enjoy Universal Studios without emptying your wallet or maxing out your credit card. Remember that certain reduced-price tickets and packages have blackout dates, so do your research to make sure the deal matches your trip plans. Plan carefully and make the most of the Universal experience!

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