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Increasing the Impact of Your Business Through Graphic Recording

Graphic recording, as you probably already know by now, is a popular visual summary tool for lectures, workshops, and other events where taking personal notes may not be sustainable. It’s basically sketchnoting at a larger scale to illustrate core messages, hence promoting easier memorization.

According to research, we only remember 5% of what we heard the previous week, but graphic recording has promised to raise this number significantly. That can be attributed mainly to the innate responsiveness of the brain to images combined with words as opposed to hearing words only.

While graphic recording will deliver positive results in most cases, you want it to give the best. So, here’s how you can increase the impact of your business with graphic recording:

1. Team up With Experts

If you’ve been to an event where graphic recording was used correctly, you can attest that graphic recorders are not your typical artists. They do, so effortlessly, what a majority of us would struggle with for hours, maybe even days. For graphic recording artists, great listening skills and a quick internalization of key messages are crucial. In an event where the presenters won’t slow down or pause so the artist can catch up, they ought to determine what’s worth noting down and what to skip.

By choosing the right graphic recording services from an outstanding provider like The Sketch Effect, you can deliver the right message and increase the impact of your business on a larger part of the audience you’re targeting.

2. Pay Attention to Where You Locate the Graphic Recorder

It may be obvious to some that a graphic recorder needs to be at the front and close to the presenter/speakers, but there are event organizers who don’t care since the graphic recordings will be accessible to everyone after the meeting. If that’s your take, think about helping the attendees to see the bigger picture.

The positioning of the graphic recording artist will be crucial when your main aim is to bring everyone on the same page. You want their work to be visible enough to everyone in the room. If you’re holding your event in a large hall, consider switching to live graphic recording so you can display the content on large screens.

3. Focus on the Right lettering

More often than not, the handwriting of a graphic recording artist is one of the major issues threatening the quality of their work. This could explain why a good number of graphic recorders may use capital letters. 

Ask your graphic recorder to write as clearly as possible and to use block lettering correctly to create emphasis. They may offer suggestions based on their experiences and what they’ve seen work in the past, so make sure to work closely with them on this one.

4. Use Visual Hierarchy

Different points throughout the meeting or event will have different levels of importance, which is why visual hierarchy is such an important aspect of graphic recording. You can establish a visual hierarchy by using various design tools such as size, arrows, color, banners, containers, and other creative elements.

When trying to illustrate important points, use bold letters along with saturated colors, while preserving thinner lines and smaller letters for the supporting points.

5. Share the Recording

If your meeting is not an exclusively in-person event, it’s extremely crucial to involve the virtual members in your graphic recording activity. Live graphic recording works perfectly for this, and you can broadcast the live recording to increase the impact of the meeting on your virtual audience.

When the meeting is complete, send out a snippet or more of the drawings to your fans on social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. That will keep the discussion alive and anticipation high as your audience looks forward to the next meeting.

6. Leverage Summary Boards

A summary board is a collection of the key points from each discussion session that a graphic recorder creates at the end of the day to serve as a refresher during multi-day meetings. The information on the summary board should be as coherent as possible with a clear flow between the different focus points.

Get the Most Out of Graphic Recording for Your Business

If you’ve not used graphic recording before, there’s a lot you’re missing out on. It’s a perfect tool for keeping engagement levels high during meetings so attendees won’t miss critical information or important ideas. What’s more, it promotes creativity and helps you to make better decisions.

Are you ready to embark on a journey of using graphic recording for the success of your business events or meetings? If you are, team up with The Sketch Effect today and create a visual language together that’ll leave a lasting impact on your audience!

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