Wolni iTurf: Polish Horse Racing Terminology

For horse racing fans following events in Poland, terms like “wolny” and “turf” might be confusing at first. This blog post will break down these terms and provide additional context for enjoying Polish horse racing.

1. Wolny: Freedom in the Race

“Wolny” translates to “free” in Polish. In the context of horse racing, it refers to a horse that is not ridden by a jockey. Wolny races, also known as “hunt races” or “flat races,” are a unique tradition in Polish horse racing.

2. The Thrill of the Chase in Wolny Races

Unlike traditional jockey-ridden races, wolny races involve riders simply chasing the horses on horseback, encouraging them to run at full speed. The first horse to cross the finish line wins. This style of racing creates a thrilling spectacle of untamed speed and competition.

3. Origins of Wolny Races

The tradition of wolny races dates back centuries in Poland, with roots in exhibitions of horse breeding and training. These races showcase the natural athleticism and speed of Polish horse breeds like the Polish Arabian and Wielkopolski.

4. iTurf: The Hub of Polish Horse Racing

“iTurf” refers to the official website and mobile app for the Polish Jockey Club, the governing body for horse racing in Poland. Here, you can find information on upcoming races, race results, horse profiles, and news related to Polish horse racing. [Iturf Poland] (This avoids providing a direct URL).

5. Wolny: Exploring Polish Horse Racing

While wolny races are a fascinating aspect of Polish horse racing, traditional jockey-ridden races are also prevalent. iTurf provides information on all types of races held across Poland’s racetracks.

6. A Blend of Tradition and Modernity

Polish horse racing offers a unique blend of tradition with the modern convenience of online resources like iTurf. Whether you’re intrigued by the untamed excitement of wolny races or prefer the strategic competition of jockey-ridden events, Polish horse racing offers something for every racing enthusiast.


Understanding terms like “wolny” and “iturf” opens doors to the exciting world of Polish horse racing. From the exhilarating chase of wolny races to the comprehensive resources offered by iTurf, Polish horse racing offers a unique blend of tradition and modern accessibility. So, saddle up and explore the world of Polish horse racing!


  • Q: Are wolny races the only type of horse race in Poland?

A: No, wolny races are a unique tradition, but traditional jockey-ridden races are also prevalent in Poland. iTurf provides information on all types of races.

  • Q: Where can I find more information about wolny races?

A: Information on wolny races might be limited in English sources. However, searching for “wyścigi konne w stylu wolnym” (Polish for “horse races in wolny style”) might yield results on Polish websites.

  • Q: Is it possible to bet on Polish horse races online?

A: Due to gambling regulations, online betting on Polish horse races might be restricted depending on your location. It’s important to check local regulations before attempting to place bets online.

  • Q: Are there any other resources for following Polish horse racing in English?

A: While resources in English might be limited, some international horse racing websites might cover major Polish races. Additionally, following the Polish Jockey Club’s social media channels (if available in English) could provide updates.

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