Tuff Golem: The Mob That Could Have Been in Minecraft

Minecraft is a game that lets players create and explore infinite worlds, filled with various mobs, or creatures, that can be friendly, hostile, or neutral. Every year, the developers of Minecraft hold a mob vote, where players can choose one of three new mobs to be added to the game. In 2022, the mob vote was between the sniffer, the rascal, and the tuff golem. The sniffer won the vote, and will be introduced in the 1.20 update in 2023. But what about the other two mobs? In this blog post, we will focus on the tuff golem, the mob that came last in the vote, and see what it could have offered to the game.

What is a Tuff Golem?

A tuff golem is a small creature that resembles a living statue. It is made of tuff, a type of volcanic rock that is found in the deepslate layer of the world. To create a tuff golem, players would need to place a carved pumpkin on top of a tuff block. The tuff golem would then come to life and start moving around.

A tuff golem has two phases: stationary and moving. In its stationary phase, it would hold and display any item that players give it. For example, players could give it a flower, a sword, or even a rare item like a nether star. The tuff golem would then freeze in place and show off the item on its dyed cloth. The color of the cloth would depend on the color of the wool block that players use in its construction. For example, if players use a red wool block, the tuff golem would wear a red cloak.

In its moving phase, the tuff golem would wander around at random and pick up any dropped item that it comes across if it is not holding one already. It would also drop the item that it is holding if players use an empty hand on it. The tuff golem would be completely passive and harmless, unlike other golems like snow and iron golems that can attack enemies.

Why Did the Tuff Golem Lose the Vote?

The tuff golem was a mob that was more decorative than functional. It did not offer any useful features or mechanics to the game, unlike the other two mobs in the vote. The sniffer, which won the vote, is a mob that can sniff out and grow new plants called spores in dark and damp places. The spores can be used to make potions and dyes. The rascal, which came second in the vote, is a mob that can steal items from players and chests in caves, but also give them enchanted items in return.

The tuff golem was also similar to another mob that was added to the game in 2021: the allay. The allay is a flying mob that can also hold items and move them around. However, the allay has a purpose: it can help players sort items by color or category. The allay also has more personality and animation than the tuff golem.

What Could Have Been Done to Improve the Tuff Golem?

The tuff golem was a cute and customizable mob, but it lacked depth and appeal. To make it more interesting and attractive to players, some possible changes or additions could have been:

  • Giving it more abilities or interactions with other mobs or blocks. For example, maybe it could scare away hostile mobs with its item display, or activate redstone devices with its movement.
  • Giving it more variations or customization options. For example, maybe it could have different facial expressions or poses depending on its mood or item.
  • Giving it more lore or backstory. For example, maybe it could have been related to ancient civilizations or temples that used them as guardians or statues.


The tuff golem was a mob that could have been in Minecraft, but lost the vote to the sniffer in 2022. It was a small statue-like creature that could hold and display items on its cloth. It was more of a decorative mob than a functional one, which made it less appealing to players who wanted more features or mechanics from new mobs. However, it was still a creative and charming mob that had potential to be improved or expanded upon.

What do you think of the tuff golem? Do you wish it was added to Minecraft? Let us know in the comments below!

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