News Your Gateway to Interactive Presentations is the web address that allows students to participate in presentations created using Pear Deck, a popular educational technology tool. Pear Deck helps educators create interactive presentations that engage students and promote deeper understanding.

What is a pear deck?

Pear Deck is an add-on tool for Google Slides that allows teachers to embed interactive elements like multiple-choice questions, open-ended prompts, and live formative assessments within their presentations. Students can then participate in these activities using any device with a web browser, making it a versatile tool for both in-person and remote learning environments.

How does work?

To join a Pear Deck presentation, students simply visit and either:

  • Click on the join link provided by the teacher.
  • Enter a unique join code displayed on the presentation slide.

Once they join, students can see the presentation slides and participate in the interactive activities embedded within them. Their responses are collected and displayed in real-time, allowing teachers to gauge student understanding and adjust their instruction accordingly.

Benefits of using

  • Increased student engagement: Interactive elements like quizzes and polls can capture students’ attention and keep them actively involved in the learning process.
  • Real-time feedback: Pear Deck provides teachers with immediate insights into student understanding, allowing them to address misconceptions and personalize instruction on the spot.
  • Formative assessment: The interactive activities can be used as formative assessments to gauge student learning and identify areas where students may need additional support.
  • Collaboration: Pear Deck also allows students to collaborate on activities and share their thoughts and ideas with the class.

Who can use

Joinpd is primarily intended for students who are participating in a Pear Deck presentation led by their teacher. However, anyone with a join code or link can access the presentation, making it a potentially useful tool for parents or guardians who want to stay informed about what their children are learning in class.

Tips for using

  • Make sure you have a reliable internet connection before joining a presentation.
  • Use a device with a web browser that is compatible with Pear Deck.
  • Be prepared to participate actively in the presentation and follow your teacher’s instructions.

Conclusion is a valuable tool for students to participate in interactive presentations and engage in the learning process. By using Pear Deck, teachers can create engaging and effective learning experiences that cater to the diverse needs of their students.

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