How to Select the Best Storm Protection Door

If you live in an area that experiences frequent storms, one of the ways to protect your home is to get a storm protection door. These items protect the entryway door, add insulation to your home, help to increase air circulation inside, etc. Since there are different types with so many options to choose from, selecting one might prove challenging. Thankfully, you’ve stumbled on this article, where we’ll guide you on how to select the best storm protection door.

With the proper selection, your exterior doors will be protected. Speaking of exterior doors, these samples of exterior doors at Paradise Exteriors should give you the inspiration you need to select an exterior door if you’re yet to pick one for your home. With that said, let’s jump right into the eye of the storm.
Factors to Consider When Selecting a Storm Protection Door
This selection is important and should be made carefully. Apart from the installation cost, there are other important factors you need to consider. Let’s take a look at these factors, shall we?
Screen Quantity and Accessibility
If you choose to prioritize ventilation in your entryway, the quantity of screens provided and their accessibility are important factors to consider. Some doors offer retractable screens, which offers versatility. As such, you can utilize the screen when you need it and retract it when you don’t need it.
This feature eliminates the need to manually remove a glass panel or entire screen. Alternatively, other doors are designed with fixed screens or glass that require you to change them each season. You can store the unused panel in a secure location when you aren’t using it.

Glass Quantity

The quantity of glass in your storm door significantly influences the visual appeal of your home’s exterior. Furthermore, it offers a better view from within. Full-view doors are designed with so much glass that spans from top to bottom, thereby offering panoramic views. However, they may not be ideal for high-traffic zones because of their lower durability compared to doors that have metal panels at the base.

Sun Exposure

When you want to select the perfect storm protection door, you must take into account the sun exposure in the area. Purchasing a full-view door may not be ideal if the front area of your home receives prolonged exposure to direct sunlight throughout the day. Excessive sun exposure could lead to furniture and flooring damage. This, in turn, might reduce overall energy efficiency in your home.


You need to consider how often the door will be used. In other words, anticipate the traffic flow through the door, especially if it’s the front entryway door. You can visit to learn how to make your entryway durable. This consideration will determine the type of storm protection you need.
If you’re expecting minimal traffic through your entryway, the best option is to get full-view storm doors. This option will enhance your home’s aesthetic appeal, and increase airflow with installed screens. Back doors, frequently used by children, would benefit from high-view or mid-view doors to prolong durability.

Construction Quality and Installation

Think about the construction of the storm door and whether you plan to install it yourself. While you can do that for some doors, others can only be installed by professionals. With their experience, they will ensure proper fitting and minimize potential issues.
Storm doors typically come in aluminum or wood-core variants; however, they vary in quality levels. If your area is prone to extreme weather conditions, prioritize purchasing a door that can withstand the intended usage and the local weather conditions. You might have to buy another door soon if you fail to follow this advice.
Pets are part of the family, and you need to also consider them when you decide. If your pet goes outside frequently, you need to get a pet storm door. The only issue with this choice is that the security feature of this door might reduce or increase the visual appeal of your curb.

Types of Storm Protection Doors

If you noticed, so far, we’ve mentioned different types of doors. In this section, we’ll talk about some types of storm protection doors including their pros and cons. The information you’ll get will help you make the right selection.


This option gives you unparalleled illumination, featuring glass panels from top to bottom. It showcases your entryway without obstruction and provides you with a stunning view of your yard from inside your home.  However, you need to exercise caution if it is a high-traffic entryway.
This is because these doors offer minimal protection despite maximum glass exposure. As such, they are prone to damage. Many of them come with interchangeable screens or glass.
With this option, you can switch the covering to counter weather conditions. Furthermore, they offer options such as Low-E glass, that enhances energy efficiency. You can read this article to learn how to enhance your home’s energy efficiency.  The beveled glass is another option adds an elegant look to your home.
⦁ Unobstructed outdoor views
⦁ Enhances curb appeal
⦁ Maximizes natural light indoors
⦁ Requires manual adjustment of screen or glass based on weather
⦁ Needs storage space for screen or glass
⦁ May cause entryway furniture sun damage


If you’re looking for a balance between illumination and protection, then this is the option for you. These doors feature a panel or kickplate at the bottom to withstand frequent use. Although they allow a little less light than full-view doors, they still maintain a home’s aesthetic appeal without compromising durability. They are similar to the full-view option as they often have substitutable screens and glass, with some models featuring retractable screens for added convenience.
⦁ Provides wear and tear protection
⦁ Lets natural light inside the home
⦁ Provides options for screen or glass installation
⦁ Slightly diminishes curb appeal via obstructing portion of your home’s entryway door
⦁ Needs manual replacement of screen or glass as per weather changes
⦁ Needs safe storage for screen or glass if they cannot be retracted
This option prioritizes durability over expansive views. They feature screens or glass at the upper half and a substantial kick plate or metal panel to withstand heavy usage. Unlike the full or mid-view options, you can adjust the ventilation as desired. Therefore, you don’t need to frequently change the screen or glass.
⦁ Protects against extensive wear and tear
⦁ Offers convenient ventilation options
⦁ Shields the entryway from weather elements
⦁ Less visually appealing than full or mid-view doors
⦁ Limited to partial ventilation; only the door’s upper part supports ventilation
A storm protection door protects your entryway door and home in general. The article above provides a detailed guide on how to select one of these doors. With this knowledge, you can keep your home and family safe.

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