How to Maximize Your Time in the Office for Hybrid Work

The pandemic changed how we work and how often we spend our leisure time on online platforms like Vulkan Vegas. Many companies will be implementing permanent remote positions even after this crisis subsides, while some offer what is called a hybrid. It is a working condition where you work remotely for the most part and then spend some days in the office. 

Since your physical exposure is limited, how are you going to maximize this? Today, let us talk about some tips on how you can make the most out of your time in the office. 

Know Your Asynchronous Tasks

These are tasks that have no dependencies on others. It means you do not need the input of another person. If this is a task that you can do in the office only, you need to give it a priority. 

However, you have to be careful. Tasks like reading emails or creating a PowerPoint presentation are best done at home, not in the office.

Asynchronous tasks can be done in the office and at home. In some companies, however, you can only do this in the office. An example of this is software programming and testing that you can only do in the office.

Some software companies will not allow you to access its mainframe from your house. As such, do this once you are in the office. Test the software you made and make sure it works.   

You can write the software code at home and then perhaps do a beta test on your own device. However, you can only upload it in the office, so consider this a priority when you visit the office. 

Do the Synchronous Tasks in the Office

Synchronous tasks are those that require the participation of other people. Although some of these are better done at home, like a meeting, there are still some types of work that you cannot do alone or without office equipment. 

For example, let us say that you have no access to a specific software where you need to input data. In such a case, you need to be in the office to do this data entry job. 

A task like this should be on top of your priorities when in the office. Instead of reading emails and doing things that you can finish later, you have to make use of your time to complete what you cannot at home.

Ensure that your access levels work before you go to the office. If you have never had access to a specific kind of office software, reach out to your colleagues for help. 

Get Training in the Office

There are some tasks that you may not know how to do. For example, there may be some reports that confuse you, or you need to get trained on something else. 

Some kinds of training will not work in an online environment, especially if you are getting trained for something that you will perform alone, on your device or machine. 

In this case, you will be better off if you seek the assistance of others to show you the ropes. Prepare your questions in advance and collaborate with the right people. Of course, while the pandemic is ongoing, protect yourself by wearing masks. 

Invest in Your Devices

There are some occasions where you can only get data from the office, and they cannot allow you to access it online. Some types of information are just too risky to let float on the internet. 

If this is your situation, get a storage device, like an external hard drive, so you could copy data. Of course, you would need clearance or approval to do this. Your company may even ask you to submit your device for checking. 

Another situation is if you need to transfer your work to the office mainframe or servers. Some companies will not let you transfer your work online. It is possible that they are avoiding security risks or that your file is too heavy.

In this case, your priority is to transfer this file from your PC to the company’s servers.  From there, you also have to check whether or not the copying process is successful or not. 

Do not play in the office if you ever go there. You have a lot of time to entertain yourself at home, such as if you want to play roulette online. Also, you are risking the possibility of getting fired.

The pandemic taught employers that they do not need to rent huge office spaces. They also realized that they have many office positions that they can outsource or offer remotely. Even if the pandemic subsides, there are employers who would prefer a hybrid employment setup.

Be prepared for this change and embrace it. Start listing down your activities and present to future employers how you plan to manage your time if you ever get hired or a hybrid position. 

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