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In the midst of the digital revolution the educational sector is undergoing and upgrading to a similar format. The obsolete methods of gaining knowledge are being outsmarted by the online platform. The focus on gaining popularity of online degree courses has motivated the government to take necessary steps for promoting virtual learning. Out of many UGC-Entitled universities offering online degree courses, Manipal University Jaipur is a good option. The learners are particular about the accreditations and recognition of the degree they’re opting for. The online courses let students explore and build a solid foundation for a successful career. The article focuses on providing you with a detailed insight into the benefits of online education and how to choose the right platform.

What Gives Online Education The Upper Hand

Online degree courses are becoming famous among working professionals or fresher students due to many reasons. The digital era kicks out outdated methods as it offers more flexible and accessible methods of gaining education. The following pointers focus on the perks of an online learning platform-

  • Affordable-

An online degree is a perfect option for individuals who can’t afford the heavy fees of regular courses. A virtual platform offers equal benefits and experienced mentors at a noticeably low investment. Not only the tuition fee, but also the costs that incur due to commuting, textbooks, accommodation rent, and more, are waived if you choose the online degree. Due to the accessibility of classes through the online portal, learners can access their lectures sitting at home, without much hassle.

  • Easy-Access-

Different from the regular on-campus learning where the students are required to move to a physical classroom to attend the lecture, a virtual platform lets you attend the session from anywhere. Whether you’re a working professional or a student, you can access the online portal while being inside your office or in the comfortable environment of your home with just one click. The convenience of an online degree is the underlying reason for its increased popularity.

  • Flexibility-

Now the learners need not worry about the strict timings of their lectures and that they might miss them. With the digital platform, students can tailor their learning routine to their existing schedule. The professionals who wish to upskill but whose tight schedules pose a major time constraint can now upgrade themselves through online courses. The platform caters to the need for flexibility in timings and also offers the option to attend the recorded class.

  • A Comprehensive Platform-

There’s a wide range of options available for upskilling and gaining fresh knowledge. The online window includes a variety of specializations and professional courses and this makes it a popular choice among individuals. Due to the flexibility and easy access, students can learn and upskill without having to make the commute to the campus. Online courses make a smart choice as the students can multi-task and gain professional experience while learning.

  • Upskilling Opportunity-

The online degree and other disciplinary courses serve as a great opportunity for working individuals who want to upgrade themselves for better job roles but don’t wish to take a career halt. With the help of online courses, professionals can tailor their class schedules to their working hours. This lets them learn while earning. Also, it leaves a good impression on the interviewer as it displays commitment and dedication along with the multi-tasking skills of the individual.

  • Recognitions-

The government of India is taking necessary steps to support online learning due to its numerous advantages. Over the past few years, online education has gained its preference. The degree offers flexibility and is cost-efficient. Various universities are entitled to offer online education with equal accreditations and recognitions as the regular degree courses. The learners need not worry about the validation and authentication of their online degree courses. Besides, they can opt for the best-suited university out of a broad range of options.

A Comprehensive Stage

Virtual learning is an appropriate option for all individuals who wish to upskill and start with the learning process. Below are a few online degrees that learners can opt for

  • Master’s-

An Online Master’s degree offers an opportunity for individuals to upskill themselves and get ready for leadership roles. Listing a few options below-

  •  MBA- An Online MBA is perfect for working professionals who wish to upskill and make themselves capable of administrative roles. 
  • MCA- This is another postgraduate degree that lets computer application fanatics explore and upgrade their skills and become future-ready professionals.
  • MCOM- The postgraduate program helps the students improve their skill sets and become experts in trade and commerce.
  • Bachelor’s-

           The students can opt for a virtual Bachelor’s program that will help them in laying the     foundation stone for their bright career. The following options are a few of preferred courses-

  • BBA- The BBA degree lets the students thrive in administrative roles and learn about the fundamentals of business.
  • BCA- With this bachelor’s the learners gain knowledge in computer applications.
  • BCOM- The undergraduate program prepares the students for having a good foot in the world of trade and commerce. It’s a booming sector.
  • Job-Relevant Programs- 

The learners can find associate-level programs online. These are the upskilling programs that span for 2 years and make the individuals skilled for entry-level jobs. With the help of these, the students can get a job and further upskill with online platforms while earning and adding to their professional experience. 

  • Doctorate Degrees-

The degrees involve research-based education and can be pursued after the completion of relevant programs that are necessary for eligibility. The Ph.D. and Ed.D are some of the doctorate degrees available.

Trust in the Best

Manipal University Jaipur is a choice for many learners who want to upskill. The university is UGC-Entitled and is NAAC Accredited to offer a recognized online degree in various disciplines. Opt for digital methods to gain education as it has numerous advantages to an on-campus degree. If you wish to explore more, visit our online website, laden with different degree courses.

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