Demystifying OrdreQuinté: French Horse Race Betting

For horse racing enthusiasts in France, particularly those who enjoy the thrill of placing bets, “OrdreQuinté” is a term you’ll likely encounter often. But what exactly does it signify? This comprehensive guide delves into the world of OrdreQuinté, explaining its intricacies and equipping you to participate in French horse racing wagers.

Understanding OrdreQuinté

OrdreQuinté translates to “order fifth” in English. In the context of horse racing, it refers to a specific type of wager where you attempt to predict the exact arrival order of the top five finishers in a particular race.

Key Characteristics of OrdreQuinté

Specificity: Unlike simpler bets where you just pick the winner, OrdreQuinté demands you predict the entire top five, and in the correct order.

Potential Payouts: With the added difficulty comes the possibility of significant rewards. Successfully picking the OrdreQuinté can lead to substantial payouts.

Variations: There are variations of OrdreQuinté, such as “Grosp Ordre” (Big Order) where order is less important, and “Tiercé” (Third) where you predict the top three.

Placing an OrdreQuinté Bet

Visit a PMU Outlet: PMU (Pari Mutuel Urbain) is the French national horse racing operator. You can place your bets at their physical outlets.

Online Platforms: Many online platforms allow authorized users to place OrdreQuinté wagers.

Selection Process: Choose the race you want to bet on, then select the five horses you believe will finish in the top spots and their exact order.

Confirm and Pay: Confirm your selections and finalize the bet by paying the designated amount.

Tips for Making Successful OrdreQuinté Bets

Research the Horses: Analyze past performance data, jockey experience, and track conditions before making your selections.

Consider Expert Opinions: Utilize insights from racing analysts and tipsters, but maintain your own judgment.

Start Small: Begin with smaller bets to understand the system and gradually increase stakes as you gain confidence.

Embrace Variation: Explore different OrdreQuinté variations to find a betting style that suits you.


OrdreQuinté offers a unique and potentially rewarding way to engage with French horse racing. By understanding the core concept, its variations, and by implementing strategic betting practices, you can increase your chances of experiencing the excitement of a successful OrdreQuinté wager. Remember, responsible betting is crucial. Always wager within your means and enjoy the thrill of the race!


  • What is the minimum bet amount for OrdreQuinté?

The minimum amount can vary depending on the platform or outlet, but it’s typically a few Euros.

  • What happens if multiple people pick the correct OrdreQuinté?

The total prize pool is divided amongst the winners.

  • Are there any online resources for OrdreQuinté?

Yes, several French websites and mobile apps offer news, analysis, and predictions related to OrdreQuinté races.

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