Bravo La Voyeuse: Shining a Light on Femicide Through Art

Femicide, the killing of women and girls based on their gender, is a persistent and devastating global issue. In an attempt to raise awareness and demand justice, a group of anonymous French activists known as Bravo La Voyeuse have emerged as powerful voices.

Who are Bravo La Voyeuse?

Bravo La Voyeuse, which translates to “Bravo The Watcher,” is a collective of women who anonymously create street art installations to raise awareness about femicide. These installations often feature the names and faces of victims, alongside statistics and messages demanding social change.

What is their mission?

Bravo La Voyeuse’s mission is multifaceted. They aim to:

  • Commemorate the victims of femicide: By sharing their names and stories, Bravo La Voyeuse ensures that these victims are not forgotten.
  • Demand justice for the victims and their families: The group’s installations often call for accountability and an end to impunity for perpetrators of femicide.
  • Raise awareness about the issue of femicide: Through their creative and impactful artwork, Bravo La Voyeuse is bringing the issue of femicide to the forefront of public discourse.
  • Empower women and girls: By speaking out against violence, Bravo La Voyeuse is inspiring others to do the same and is working to create a world where women and girls are safe and free from violence.

How do they achieve their mission?

The primary tool used by Bravo La Voyeuse is street art. Their installations often appear in public spaces, such as walls, sidewalks, and buildings. The artwork is typically bold and colorful, using imagery and text to convey their message.

In addition to their street art, Bravo La Voyeuse also uses social media to amplify their message and connect with supporters. They use platforms like Instagram and Twitter to share images of their installations, as well as to share news about femicide cases and to promote events and campaigns.

Impact of Bravo La Voyeuse:

Bravo La Voyeuse’s work has had a significant impact on the issue of femicide in France and beyond. Their artwork has sparked conversations, challenged societal norms, and helped to raise awareness about the issue. Their work has also inspired other activists around the world to take action against femicide.

In addition to their artistic achievements, Bravo La Voyeuse has also been credited with:

  • Helping to change the conversation about femicide: By bringing the issue into the public eye, Bravo La Voyeuse has helped to break the silence surrounding femicide and has created a space for open and honest dialogue.
  • Empowering survivors of femicide and their families: The group’s work has provided a sense of comfort and solidarity for survivors of femicide and their families.
  • Putting pressure on governments and institutions to take action: Bravo La Voyeuse’s work has helped to hold governments and institutions accountable for their failure to prevent and address femicide.


Bravo La Voyeuse is a powerful example of how art can be used to raise awareness about important social issues. Their work is beautiful, impactful, and inspiring. They are shining a light on femicide and demanding justice for the victims and their families.

By using their platform to speak out against violence, Bravo La Voyeuse is helping to create a world where women and girls are safe and free from harm. Their work is essential and their message is clear: Femicide must end.

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